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The only identity governance platform purposely-built 

to protect your most important information assets
with a radically new focus on time to value.

Disappointing projects.
Gartner estimates that 50% of IGA deployments are in distress.  Priorities are set incorrectly and the most important data and applications are insufficiently airbagged. 

Insufficient agility.
IAM programmes imposing a fixed data model are not agile enough to cope with an ever-changing application and regulation landscape. 

Bureaucratic use.
Access reviews as performed these days are pointless. Managers and team leads are asked questions that are often beside the point and to which they do not know the answer.


Access creep.
Too many employees with privileged access, orphaned accounts, orphaned entitlements and other access creep open doors for data breaches.

Unnecessary complexity. 
For companies that need to get in control fast, typical IAM projects are too heavy-weight and have an overly long duration, leading to frustration across the organisation.

Failure to scale. 
Performing controls and reviews with spreadsheets is too time-consuming and complex. This is not scalable and results in reviews done only a few times a year.

The new wave within IAM is all about prioritising governance,

shorter time-to-value and being cost-effective.


Get in control in weeks instead of months. 

Maarten Decat, CTO Elimity



Use a risk-based, data-driven, AI-fueled approach.

Start with collecting the most important data from the most risky applications in your company, immediately lower information security risks by understanding who can access what data, establish a risk-based battle plan and automate the desired controls.


Data analytics and augmented intelligence open up vast new possibilities.  

Clean up or closely follow up any access related issue with help of 
augmented intelligence and last-mile automation

Gain critical and actionable insights to establish a focused and risk-based battle plan

Formalise governance policies, automate controls,  track KRIs and metrics over time in a cockpit



Elimity helps to increase the efficiency and quality of our IAM by giving more insights into the weighted risks and conflicts.
This is key to maintaining our company's security and compliance.



Product owner IAM Data Analytics
Fortune 500 Bank

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