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Helping you in your journey towards identity-first security 
with solutions in identity and access management, data security and device management.


Enterprise-wide visibility and monitoring of users and their accesses

Proper control of user accesses is a crucial part of any company's cyber security strategy. We provided our client with the needed visibility and monitoring in just 2 weeks of work.

A new reality needs new security:

identity-first security

As digital transformation is changing the way we work and the landscape in which we work, securing identities has become the cornerstone of a modern cybersecurity strategy. This identity-first strategy ensures that the right people have the right level of access to the right resources in the right context that is assessed continuously.



Your identity-first security partner

Experts in IAM and security

With project managers, solution architects, data analysts and technical engineers we have both the business and technical capabilities on board to provide you with the right solution.

Go getters

We don’t just give advice, but also implement, operationalize and manage the right solution for you. We want to be a true hands-on partner in your journey towards identity-first security.

Driven by you

We offer end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your business needs by leveraging a best-in-class technology portfolio complemented with our own point solutions.


Creating value across the entire organization

Securely enable

“work from anywhere”

Boost productivity without compromising security.

Manage risk

Identify and remediate access risk throughout the entire lifecycle.

Move to the cloud

Modernize IT and centralize user and access management.

Collaborate with partners

Reduce IT complexities and foster secure collaboration.

Day 1 onboarding

Enable new workers immediately and confidently.

Secure data access

Protect access to sensitive and unstructured data.

Be audit-ready

Demonstrate compliance to auditors at all times.

Reduce IT friction

Minimize costs and frustration, and foster innovation.


Offering expertise and technology solutions

Expert services

Elimity’s expert services provide you with instant access to expert knowledge, helping you with specific projects:

Identity-first security strategy design

Governance processes design

Policy design

role model • separation of duty • conditional access

Implementation services

Elimity helps you with selecting, deploying, configuring and operationalizing the right solutions:

Production roll-outs

SSO • (A)MFA • PAM • IGA • DLP • data classification • MDM • MAM • advanced workflows and orchestration

Solution tailoring

Change management


Managed services

Elimity takes care of managing the solutions for you, becoming a specialized extension of your organization:

Continuous growth

24/7 monitoring & support


Elimity leverages best-in-class technology platforms complemented with our own point solutions:

Best-in-class platforms

Microsoft • Okta • CyberArk • ...

Point solutions

Elimity Identity Analytics • Elimity Role Miner
• Elimity Separation of Duty • Elimity Access Reviews

Our recent customer cases

User access screening

Identify your risk hotspots in a matter of days

To help our client understand their current IT risk posture we performed an in-depth analysis of the key access risks residing in and across their most important applications, providing them with the objective numbers to support the development of the identity roadmap.

Assisted clean-up of access issues

Improve your IT risk posture

Our client wanted to improve its IT risk posture by cleaning up access issues that had accumulated over the years. Instead of pushing this to the future or randomly cleaning up, we used our platform in order to apply a risk-based, data-driven and iterative approach, enabling our client to see value immediately.

Designing a role model in 2 days instead of 12 months

A cost-effective approach to role model design

To help our client assign access rights in a more structured way, we provided our client with a suitable role model in just 2 days by applying a data-driven and iterative approach.


How to prove that you are in control 
of your users and their accesses

Having control over who can access which data and which applications in your organization is crucial. But, proving that you do have control is still a challenge for many organizations. 

In this guide you’ll find the 8 categories of key identity indicators that you can measure, so you know whether you are in control and you can prove it. 


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