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Our mission is to improve companies' risk posture by putting their identity data to work.

The challenges

Having control over who can access which data in an organization is key to addressing cyber threats, regulations and privacy. Over the last decade, IT complexity has grown immensely, and identity governance is having a hard time keeping up. 

High maintenance costs

Recertification fatigue

Access creep

Account explosion

Role proliferation

Toxic access

Identity intelligence is

the next frontier

in identity management

Many of the current identity challenges are in fact data questions. And that’s what drives us at Elimity. We want to help everyone involved in identity and access management to efficiently answer these data questions, giving them confidence in the identity decisions they make.

Identity Intelligence works as a data-driven companion for identity governance: understand, empower, and automate.




Turn identity data into valuable insights. Ensure good identity data quality so you can trust it, rely on it, and be confident about the decisions you make.

Go beyond governance processes. Enable true identity stewardship by giving the entire organisation access to the identity data they need in a way that is relevant and effective.

Go for speed and quality by intelligently automating identity decisions so you can focus only on those issues that really require your attention.

Leadership team

We are inspired by our team, passionate about our work and always aiming for the top.

Willem De Groef

Co-founder and CEO

Maarten Decat

Co-founder and CTO

Wouter Joosen

Board of Directors


Elimity is backed by University of Leuven, KBC, BNP Paribas Fortis, and a group of experienced entrepreneurs.


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