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Reduce security risks

Get instant visibility & gain actionable insights in your user accounts, groups and other important AD objects. Empower your IT team with the right information in the right format.

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Increase operational efficiency

Fully automated security controls based on relevant risk & control frameworks. Easily follow-up progress over time and receive notifications when suspicious changes occur.


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Because you can't manage what you can't measure.

Enhance communication & awareness

Clear and effective communication about the security health of your AD. Stop with creating manual & static reports, choose an intuitive and interactive way to communicate. 

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Key features of Elimity Insights for Active Directory

Risk cockpit of Elimity Insights

Risk cockpit

The - personalisable - risk cockpit gives you an overview of the security state of your Active Directory at a glance. It enables you and your team to identify access risks, prioritise efforts, discover trends over time and easily follow up on the most important AD controls for your organisation.

In-depth reporting

The predefined rulebook based on relevant information security standards and regulations helps you to quickly assess and report on the security state of your Active Directory. History about users, groups, and other AD objects is kept for years, delivering compelling audit trails and detailed change reports

In-depth reporting of Elimity Insights
Advanced identity analytics of Elimity Insights

Advanced identity analytics

Gain 360-degree insights with the most powerful identity analytics engine ever built and easily automate controls such as privileged and overly privileged users, unassigned users, toxic combinations of groups, and many more. 

Cleanup analytics

Prioritise cleanup efforts by understanding the associated impact of access violations and bad practices. Track and measure progress over time to take corrective actions when needed and improve overall project management. 

Cleanup analytics of Elimity Insights
Alerts of changes in Elimity Insights

Alerts of suspicious changes

Customisable alerts notify you about changes in the AD environment. This enables you to stay on top of potential weaknesses and take action to address improper changes such as incorrect access. 

Interactive search

Easily search through all the AD objects to speed up security and compliance investigations. Click-through the data without switching between several tools or spreadsheets to find the information and answers you need. 

Interactive search in Elimity Insights

Nail your security goals with

assisted actionable identity intelligence

Three easy steps to get started



Create your Elimity Insights account and provide a data export of Active Directory to get started for free.



Explore the ins and outs of your AD environment, analyze the results of the pre-defined security controls, and experiment by creating or modifying your own security controls.



Get a full assessment of the current security state of your AD. Fully understand all identified risks, their impact and why it is important to remediate. Ideal fuel for any awareness campaign or to increase cybersecurity budget. Out-of-the-box and for free!

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Elimity Dashboard
Elimity Dashboard

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Topics covered in this ebook:

  • Reasons for a security & risk cockpit for AD

  • The 8 essential building blocks of a security cockpit

  • The 6 steps to assess your current Active Directory security health state

Topics covered in this whitepaper:

  • What is identity intelligence all about

  • Reasons why its importance in addressing cyber security concerns is growing

  • The strategic impact it can have on your organisation

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