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Gain visibility and access insights in your Active Directory and reduce the risk of security breaches.

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security risks


operational efficiency

Get instant visibility & gain actionable insights in your user accounts, groups and other important AD objects. Empower your IT team with the right information in the right format.

Fully automated security controls based on relevant risk & control frameworks. Easily follow-up progress over time and receive notifications when suspicious changes occur.

Elimity Insights Dashboard

communication & awareness

Clear and effective communication about the security health of your AD. Stop with creating manual & static reports, choose an intuitive and interactive way to communicate. 

Why you need a risk & security cockpit for AD

Uncover risks

Get instant insight into your user accounts, groups and other important AD objects. Automatically identify privileged user accounts, orphaned accounts, shadow administrators and other risk factors that are traditionally hard to find. Uncover risk, stay secure and rest assured!

Improve hygiene

Keep your AD from becoming a mess. Easily evaluate empty groups, user accounts on the loose, unassigned attributes, and more. Maintain an overview of your AD at all times, even with today’s pace of change. Show you are in control!

Follow-up & communicate

Monitor the situation with minimal effort, receive alerts to stay on top of potential weaknesses, effectively communicate to relevant stakeholders and increase awareness & understanding across the organisation. Get leverage to increase your cybersecurity budget!

AD security controls at your fingertips

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Assess the security state of your AD in minutes

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Automate AD security controls

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Eliminate manual, error-prone and

time-consuming processes.

Schedule showing the comming risk & control frameworks

Three easy steps to get started



Create your Elimity Insights account and provide a data export of Active Directory to get started for free.



Explore the ins and outs of your AD environment, analyze the results of the pre-defined security controls, and experiment by creating or modifying your own security controls.



Get a full assessment of the current security state of your AD! Fully understand all identified risks, their impact and why it is important to remediate. Ideal fuel for any awareness campaign or to increase cybersecurity budget. Out-of-the-box and for free!

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In many organisations Active Directory holds the keys to the IT kingdom. With today’s pace of change, however, maintaining an overview of who can access what has become more challenging than ever. This lack of visibility leaves companies in flux at risk.

Do you want to get back in the driver’s seat? Do you want to empower your IT & Security team? Discover our six steps to set up a solid risk cockpit for your Active Directory.

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