Advisory Services

Not started with an IAM programme yet? Or want to know whether you are on the right track? Maybe you quickly want to fix a burning audit issue or comprehend your data breach risk exposure? Unfortunately, the experience nor the capabilities required to define such a programme or gain such insights, are widely available. The Advisory Services team offers a range of services delivered by experienced consultants.

Key objectives of Advisory Services:

Lower security and compliance risks immediately and improve IAM programma success.

Serve as a catalyst for IAM processes and support organizations in their decision making process for future projects.

Provide external industry perspective, opinion and expertise.

Data Analysis & Risk Assessment

By providing clear insights in the access data of your most critical (ERP) system, our team can identify risk hotspots, and help the organization to obtain an insightful and actionable report. This helps to understand where you are access governance-wise, to focus remediation efforts where most needed, and to support decision-making.

Risk assessment dashboard
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Strategy & Roadmap Planning

Our team helps to establish or evolve the strategy and scope, and to identify and prioritise the relevant IAM use cases. A high-level project plan is created so the IAM roadmap and strategy is clear for every stakeholder. Those use cases can then evolve into implementation projects, driven by the roadmap.


Access Maturity Assessment

It might be difficult to gauge the status of established IAM & access governance processes and to determine areas with opportunities to improve. Our team identifies these so-called gaps with our unique maturity model. The assessment gives you an indication where you are, where to make progress, and is often used prior to additional investments or expansion of the IAM programme.

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Policy Design & Formalization

Deciding on who can access what applications/data and how is fundamental to proper access governance. Our advisory team guides organizations in defining clear access principles and policies, as they are the core assets for your IAM programme and are key for measuring security, risk and compliance. The team also supports the formalization in Elimity Insights.


Access Metrics Design

The keys to a successful programme are adoption, involvement, and demonstrating progress. Our team can help you define relevant metrics and dashboards for different stakeholders in the organisation, based on the access data and Elimity Insights data, for tracking progress, adherence to principles and policies, and key risks.

Metrics screen

Download an overview of all Professional and Advisory Services offered by the Elimity Services Team.