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Identity Governance

for Architects & Technical Professionals

Focus on what matters for you.

Deliver effective IGA solutions and capabilities.

Effective, powerful and smart technology is the only way to go in order to enable trusted

interactions and deliver effective solutions and capabilities that the business needs.

Not your everyday identity benefits

Automation to the core.

Automate security controls and KRIs on complete access data coming from multiple data sources. Increase your and your team’s efficiency through automated monitoring and notifications. Save precious time, reduce friction and focus on what matters.

Identity controls.

Identity controls become more sophisticated. Use Elimity’s extensive, purpose-built query language combined with dedicated support for the most common identity controls and govern identities smarter.

Advanced analytics capabilities.

Elimity combines graph technology with machine learning and the most advanced identity analytics engine ever built. Gain 360-degree insights with Elimity AQL™ and get answers immediately. Go way beyond analytics.

Identity Governance at scale.

Govern identities at scale without impacting operational systems or compromising protections. Deliver an effective and efficient solution that the entire business can benefit from.


Nail your security goals with

assisted, actionable identity intelligence.



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