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Identity Governance

for C-level Executives

Focus on what matters for you.

Enhance your digital business strategy.

To deal with and take advantage of new challenges, an agile strategy carried through

in all processes of the business is essential. Including Identity Governance.

Not your everyday executive benefits

Maintain overview and steer.

Easily maintain a high-level overview of the IAM status as-is and to-be through a customizable dashboard, know who to address or who to give some slack in order to achieve your goals and ensure alignment between the overall business and security strategy.

Define the priorities.

Gain actionable insights to identify areas for improvement, define the priorities of the IAM roadmap based on the actual data and risk hotspots, and discuss the battle plan to ensure alignment with the overall business and security strategy. 

Increase agility.

Go for a smart and agile methodology enabled through powerful tech. Provide your team with valuable results immediately and improve the organizational risk posture instantly. Prevent a data breach instead of fixing one.

Improve cost-effectiveness.

Get rid of manual, inefficient and repetitive tasks. Automate security controls and KRIs and continuously track over time in a dedicated risk cockpit. Free up time of your employees so they can focus on high value activities.


Nail your security goals with

assisted, actionable identity intelligence.

Fast lane to superior Identity Governance

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