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About Elimity

Elimity is a high-tech B2B software company based in Mechelen, Belgium.

​We are an innovator in the area of managing the IT permissions of employees, also known as Identity and Access Management (IAM). Technical tools and costly processes have been dominating this area for a long time. This situation is costly, insecure and hinders ambitious companies to grow.

​We provide a data analytics application (SaaS) specifically designed for understanding, managing and governing the IT permissions of employees. Our solution instantly gives a security team essential insights on the risks and conflicts of their digital identities and automates the needed security controls.

​Our target markets range from local mid-size companies up to international Fortune 500 enterprises, across many verticals. The roles we work with range from business architects and technical professionals all the way up to IT security leaders and c-level executives (e.g. chief information security officer). 

About the internship

As a software product company, software product engineering is crucial to Elimity’s mission. To help us improve our product, we are looking for talented full-stack software engineers.

Ideal candidate: You are passionate about software product engineering, and are aware that a good software product is a lot more than just a bunch of lines of code. You already have some experience with technologies across the stack of a web-based application, or are a quick learner.

The offer: You will be involved in the whole spectrum of software product development. You will be part of a team of young and highly-qualified software engineers. As such, this role requires a strong sense of ownership and responsibility but will also give you immensely valuable experience as a software engineer.

Our offer

Be part of an ambitious team of first-class engineers building a SaaS to conquer the world.

Our stack

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Our values

Open communication

No micro-management

Work hard, work smart

Customers first


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