User access screening

Identify your risk hotspots in a matter of days

To help our client understand their current IT risk posture we performed an in-depth analysis of the key access risks residing in and across their most important applications, providing them with the objective numbers to support the development of the identity roadmap.

Assisted clean-up of access issues

Improve your IT risk posture

Our client wanted to improve its IT risk posture by cleaning up access issues that had accumulated over the years. Instead of pushing this to the future or randomly cleaning up, we used our platform in order to apply a risk-based, data-driven and iterative approach, enabling our client to see value immediately.

Designing a role model in 2 days instead of 12 months

A cost-effective approach to role model design

To help our client assign access rights in a more structured way, we provided our client with a suitable role model in just 2 days by applying a data-driven and iterative approach.

Empowering 500+ IAM professionals to take better access decisions

Give everyone involved in IAM access to the information they need

In an enterprise many people have to make access decisions, but all too often they are only given limited information to support decision-making. To alleviate this, we helped our client bootstrap a data analytics program specifically for identity and access management.

Data-driven and incremental approach to SoD

Cost-effective implementation of SoD policy

Defining separation of duty (SoD) rules is traditionally a cumbersome process. Instead, we applied a fundamentally new approach to SoD and provided our client with a first set of SoD rules in just a few weeks.

Enterprise-wide visibility and monitoring of users and their accesses

Improve cyber security with identity intelligence

Proper control of user accesses is a crucial part of any company's cyber security strategy. We provided our client with the needed visibility and monitoring in just 2 weeks of work.