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Ensure correct user access efficiently

with the most advanced identity analytics platform ever built.

Being compliant with standards, regulations and business policies

has become increasingly difficult.


More and more apps.

Ranging from on average 70 applications in small and medium businesses to 120 applications in enterprises.


Digital transformation.

An overload of digital identities, all with multiple accounts and access rights increases complexity of traceability.


Ubiquitous connectivity.

Departments are no silos, data is used across the entire organisation and more applications connected.

Discover how Elimity can help you.

Increase efficiency in audit.

Get rid of manual, inefficient and repetitive tasks. Automate security controls and KRIs and continuously track over time in a dedicated risk cockpit. Download reports for internal or external audits and show that you have control over the identities in your organisation.

Improve compliance posture.

Understand your team’s compliance posture immediately with multiple out-of-the-box security controls and easily monitor the situation in a customisable dashboard. Gain actionable insights and create a battle plan for you and your team to avoid audit issues.

Ameliorate access reviews.

Ensure authorised user access with minimal effort by giving everyone in the organisation the insights they need to make well-founded decisions. Make access reviews understandable in terms of business processes and only ask questions when human intervention is required.  


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