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Knowing is owning.

We have the responsibility to protect our most important information assets as good as we can. 

Start with understanding who can access what data and applications in your organisation.

Employees are one of the most common causes of data breaches, intentionally or unintentionally.

Users demand that companies restrict access to their data.

Ever-growing regulations force companies to gain control over their identities. 

Make sure your IAM processes are correct and up to date. 

Innovate and improve your IAM processes. Increase efficiency and ROI.

Ever-changing and ever-growing regulations and business policies demand agility of your IAM processes.

Do this smart, with augmented intelligence.

Don’t settle for an army of consultants 
but demand a gradual, feasible approach 
with immediate results. 

Risk-based, data-driven, AI-fueled approach.

Speed climb the IAM maturity ladder.
Reach your desired IAM maturity level much faster and don’t settle for lengthy programmes and roll-outs. Prioritise and focus on what really matters for your organisation: protecting your information assets.

Get instant valuable results.

Risk-based cockpit.
Quickly finding an answer on “who can access what” with easy-to-digest visualisations, leads to a swift and accurate assessment of the risks and allows for clear follow-up steps.

Automation to the core.
Present times require a solution to automate inefficient, repetitive or manual tasks and controls that only requires attention when real human intervention for important decisions is needed. 

Modern and hybrid approach.
On top of that, the ever-changing application (SaaS & on-prem) and regulation landscape increases the need for a hybrid approach and a flexible data model that fits your organisation’s context.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Data-driven dashboards.
Harness the power of your access data, gain insights about the past, present and future via continuous monitoring and provide dashboards to discover insights that matter.

Do things efficiently at scale.
Automatically identify where the risks are within the organisation and get rid of tedious reviewing processes by asking employees the right questions at the right time and providing them with clear and helpful insights.

Spend your resources wisely.
Reduce information security risks immediately by tightening your most important information assets and make sure to put airbags in place for all the rest to prevent real damage from happening.

Improve resource-efficiency.

Holistic view on data.
Rely on and reuse identity and access data coming from multiple sources across the organisation and combine them using smart consolidation to gain a holistic picture of accesses.

Last mile automation
By coupling your IGA solution with your existing ITSM software, you can automate the last mile remediation processes without duplicating any workflow management, and increase its ROI.

There is no time to do

things inefficiently.

Elimity is the fast lane to superior Identity Governance. Take it.



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