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The only identity intelligence platform purpose-built to protect your most important information assets with a radically new focus on time to value.

Radical focus on time to value.

Everything we do at Elimity, ranging from product features to services, is based on

four pillars:



Prioritize based on risk and work your way down. Focus on what matters for your organization right now and immediately improve your risk posture.


Rely on the data and the actual configuration, not on a human saying "we're ok" while reality is full of security holes and fraud possibilities.



Don’t go for a big bang approach, but work in multiple iterations with clear sub-goals. Get results and gain value faster.




Achieve everlasting value after each iteration by automating controls  and continuous monitoring. 

Features that make Elimity unique

Drive intelligent identity governance by implementing a smart methodology through powerful tech.

Instant visibility.

Elimity offers out-of-the-box integrations with major platforms such as Okta, G Suite, Office 365, Workday, AWS and many more. Automated data sync and consolidation of your access data enable you to gain a holistic picture of identities and accesses.

Easy automation.

Dedicated support for most common types of controls: orphaned accounts, privileged accounts, separation of duties and custom KRIs. Easily automate these controls by formalizing the corresponding policies in Elimity’s easy-to-use query form. Continuously monitor the situation, track progress over time and get automated notifications in your customizable risk cockpit. Download reports for internal or external audits and show that you have control over the identities and their access rights in your organization.

In-depth intelligence.

Elimity Insights is built from the ground up around intelligence. It combines graph technology with machine learning and the most advanced identity analytics engine ever built. Gain 360-degree insights with Elimity AQL™, get answers immediately and use augmented intelligence and easy-to-digest visualizations to make better informed decisions faster and easier.

Agile remediation.

Easily clean up incorrect accesses directly from the platform in an agile way. Gain actionable insights with Elimity Insights and work in multiple cleanup-iterations to prioritize and focus efforts. Make use of an integration with major IAM tools for automated enforcement, an integration with ITSM for manual enforcement or the open APIs for custom integrations.


A word from the experts:


Elimity helps to increase the efficiency and quality of our IAM by giving more insights into the weighted risks and conflicts.
This is key to maintaining our company's security and compliance.

Product owner IAM Data Analytics
Fortune 500 Bank (customer)



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