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Does this sound familiar?

User access reviews happen manually and mostly with spreadsheets, they are inefficient and error-prone.

There is no holistic view on all accesses and permissions that employees have to your most important applications and data.

You don’t know where to start with cleaning up access-related issues? You cannot easily monitor and track progress?

Everyone with responsibilities regarding identities and access, both IT and business personnel, do not have the information they need to make proper decisions.

Don't worry, Elimity can help.

Improve your risk and compliance posture.

With Elimity you can understand your risk exposure, compliance to regulations, business policies and standards, and overall security health. The tool ensures that you have complete and deep visibility into your users and their accesses to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Gain actionable insights into your key access risks

With actionable insights, Elimity helps you create a focused battle plan to gain control over the whole of accesses and identities in your organization.  

Easy-to-use identity governance platform.

Elimity Insights is an identity governance platform specifically designed for quick and agile onboarding and control of your information assets. As a purpose-built platform, it enables you to create a holistic view on the users and their accesses across your IT landscape with as little effort as possible.

Save precious time and benefit from automation.

Get rid of manual, inefficient and repetitive tasks such as periodic audits performed by combining various spreadsheets. Automate IAM controls and KRIs and continuously track over time in a dedicated risk cockpit.

Create an exceptionally intelligent IAM team.

Elimity’s advanced identity analytics and augmented intelligence open up vast new possibilities for you and your team. The digital assistant provides clear and helpful insights in your user access data to make better informed decisions faster and easier.


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