Insights by Elimity

We believe that identity intelligence is at the heart of identity-first security. That’s why we built Insights, our identity intelligence platform.

With this platform you empower the entire organization by enabling them to access the data they need, consume it in a way that is relevant and use it effectively. No more outdated Excel sheets, but reasoning about the same, up to date information.

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Enterprise-wide visibility and monitoring of users and their accesses

Proper control of user accesses is a crucial part of any company's cyber security strategy. We provided our client with the needed visibility and monitoring in just 2 weeks of work.

We help you take control of who can access

data and applications without hassle.

security & IAM experts

We don’t reinvent the wheel, but use a combination of best practices, international frameworks and experience to help you in your journey towards solid control.


No overly complex projects that only add value after months. We focus on fast time to value with an agile approach that adds value every step of the way.

Think big, take small steps.


Our end-to-end governance cockpit is built around intelligence with usability and collaboration in mind, enabling you to govern who can access what without hassle.


The Elimity journey

Everything we do focuses on cyber security and efficiency: no multi-year IAM roll-outs
but quickly identifying access risk, cleaning up and introducing governance where needed. 

Go for security improvements in a matter of days, not months or years.

Identify access risks

Clean up & monitor

Collaborate & decide

Address violations

Get notified of new violations

Set up identity governance

Introduce governance processes (requests, reviews, JML)

Design & maintain a role model

Design & maintain SOD policies

Increase operational efficiency

Set up automated provisioning

Improve decision making

Improve data quality







cyber security



How we help you take control

Managed services

Let us take care of all aspects of governing who can access what for you.

User access screening

Managed risk monitoring

Managed access certifications

Expert services

We can help you with specific governance projects such as:

Process definition, roadmap & implementation

Role engineering

SOD engineering


You and your team use Elimity’s platform to take control of the users and their access rights. 

Risk identification

Clean-up & monitoring

Access governance

Our recent customer cases


User access screening

Identify your risk hotspots in a matter of days

To help our client understand their current IT risk posture we performed an in-depth analysis of the key access risks residing in and across their most important applications, providing them with the objective numbers to support the development of the identity roadmap.


Assisted clean-up of access issues

Improve your IT risk posture

Our client wanted to improve its IT risk posture by cleaning up access issues that had accumulated over the years. Instead of pushing this to the future or randomly cleaning up, we used our platform in order to apply a risk-based, data-driven and iterative approach, enabling our client to see value immediately.


Designing a role model in 2 days instead of 12 months

A cost-effective approach to role model design

To help our client assign access rights in a more structured way, we provided our client with a suitable role model in just 2 days by applying a data-driven and iterative approach.


How to prove that you are in control 
of your users and their accesses

Having control over who can access which data and which applications in your organization is crucial. But, proving that you do have control is still a challenge for many organizations. 

In this guide you’ll find the 8 categories of key identity indicators that you can measure, so you know whether you are in control and you can prove it. 


Improved security posture

Understand the current identity and access risks, and prioritize cleanup efforts. 

Greater operational efficiency

Transform tedious processes, democratize identity insights and improve decision making.

Increased compliance

Streamline reporting and audits, and make compliancy built-in.

Get started with a

user access screening

Identify access risks across your business-critical systems

in a matter of days.