Maximize the value of IAM

Gain action-oriented insights on identities and accesses for intelligent decision making with a dedicated IAM reporting platform with superior digital investigation capabilities. 


Reduce security risks

Get instant visibility and insights in KRIs and KPIs such as orphaned accounts, privilege escalation, empty roles, direct permissions and many more. Track them over time to detect trends and correlations, reduce the organization’s risk exposure and increase cyber resilience. 

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return on investment

Measure IAM performance, and improve process and data quality with an out-of-the-box rulebook of KRIs and KPIs. Continuously monitor them over time to know where you are now and where are going. Get rid of an overly complex role model with advanced role analytics capabilities.


communication & awareness

Clear and effective communication about IAM performance with dynamic dashboard reporting. Empower and align all people involved - from business to IT - by ensuring they have the information and context they need to make better decisions. 


Key features of Elimity Insights for IAM

Elimity Insights Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic dashboard

The personalizable dashboard gives you an overview of the (security & effectiveness) state of your IAM system at a glance. It enables you and your team to identify access risks, prioritize efforts, discover trends over time and easily follow up on the most important KRIs and KPIs for your organization with easy-to-digest and intuitive visualizations.


In-depth IAM reporting & history

The predefined rulebook (KRIs & KPIs) based on relevant information security standards and regulations helps you to quickly assess and report on how your IAM system is performing. History about users, roles and entitlements is kept for years, delivering compelling audit trails and detailed change reports.

Elimity Insights Report Preview
Elimity Insights advanced analytics preview

Advanced identity analytics

Gain 360-degree insights with the most powerful identity analytics engine ever built and easily automate KRIs and KPIs such as privileged and overly privileged users, dormant accounts, empty roles, loose entitlements,  toxic combinations of roles or entitlements, and many more. 

Outlier detection & role analytics

Easily detect privilege escalation by comparing a user’s access rights with those of its peers. Use the automated risk indication to identify outliers in no time. On top of that, by allowing you to reason at different levels of access (users, roles, entitlements, applications, …) it provides the flexibility that is required to meet today’s and tomorrow’s increasing demands.

Elimity Insights Peer review dashboard
Elimity Insights dashboard preview

Detailed access insights

Get all your IAM data in one central overview and easily search through all the users, roles or entitlements to speed up security and compliance investigations. Click-through the data without switching between several tools or spreadsheets to find the information and answers you need. 

Cleanup analytics

Prioritize cleanup efforts by understanding the associated impact of access violations and bad practices. Track and measure progress over time to take corrective actions when needed. Improve IAM process and data quality and reduce the organization’s risk exposure.  

Elimity Insights dashboard preview

Maximize the value of IAM for your organization with
assisted actionable identity intelligence

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