Identity Assessment for

Temenos Transact

Quickly identify and evaluate access risks across Temenos Transact and other business-critical systems such as directory services, IAM platforms and HR systems.


Efficiently uncover access risks

Elimity leverages the most powerful and purpose-built identity analytics engine to perform an elaborated identity assessment against state of the art criteria. This provides security, risk, compliance and IT management leaders with a detailed and comprehensive overview of the identity health state of Temenos Transact, uncovers all access risks and arms them with actionable insights: mitigate identity risks, fuel awareness campaigns or gain insights on deploying IAM or compliance use cases

This full identity assessment is offered as an end-to-end service by Elimity as part of our Advisory Services. The assessment is performed by our in-house team of experts, and includes interpretation, recommendations and suggested prioritization for cleanup or other IAM initiatives.

The assessment offers immediate and in-depth visibility based on the following comprehensive control sets, proven to be applicable and complete for the majority of organizations.

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  • What applications don't have a first or second approver?

  • What applications don't have an auditor assigned?

  • Which employees are assigned more functions/privileges than their peers?

  • Which employees have access to all applications in Temenos?

  • Which employees have been inactive for some time?

  • What applications are not being used anymore?

  • Are we aligned with internal policies, standards and regulatory compliance?



This identity assessment is relevant for

C-level & security leaders

IAM & IT managers

Compliance managers & auditors

Benefits of an identity assessment


security posture

Solid base for

future investments



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An identity assessment is like an X-ray for your core banking platform: it unravels any identity or access risk and provides the crucial insights to become more resilient for both insider and cyber threats.

What makes Elimity unique?




view of risks



No agents to deploy, no need to make changes to the infrastructure. Elimity conducts the assessment without impacting the operational systems.

Elimity gathers and consolidates access data from multiple sources and systems, not just Temenos, to ensure a holistic picture of identities and accesses. 

Based on exclusive technology, Elimity Insights offers the most in-depth environment specifically designed to uncover and visualize access-related issues.


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─ S. Hellmann, Head of Information Security, Byblos Bank Europe

Elimity offers unparalleled cost efficiency within identity management, providing a combination of smart people and smart technology. They are the best in Belgium and one of the best in Europe. I am thrilled to have them on my side. 


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Identity assessment for ...

C-level & security leaders

Elimity provides CISOs and other risk and security managers with a status report on how the entire IAM is performing: access risks are uncovered and the most important KPIs are measured. These insights will help to align all parties involved and achieve mission-critical IAM priorities. 

Get your identity assessment now.

Because you can't protect what you can't see.