Traditional identity governance is broken

Takes years to set up.

The gap between strategy and execution leaves the company at risk and results in a low return-on-investment.

Significant labor is required from both IT and business, results in heavy-weight processes.

Involve substantial workforce.

Traditional projects claim huge security budgets and require a big bang approach.

Too costly and cumbersome.


The solution: Identity Governance 2.0

Reduce risks in weeks.

Fulfill project objectives faster by pursuing analytics and prioritizing governance. Aim for critical results within weeks.

Automatically cover blind spots.

Automatically gain visibility in your company's risk posture, know where to focus your efforts, and rest assured.

Manageable with a small team.

Make your efforts more efficient by exploiting machine learning and augmented intelligence. Manage with a security team of 4 instead of 40.

Agile and scalable.

Spend your resources wisely and focus on what matters for your organization today. Don't settle for a big bang approach.

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Identity governance initiatives pursuing
cleanup and identity analytics

will double their ROI.



Willem De Groef

CEO, Elimity