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Key identity indicator canvas

Prove that you're in control of your users and their access with this key identity indicator canvas.

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Because having control over who can access which data and applications is crucial.

Measure crucial identity indicators.

We bundled a set of crucial indicators that you should measure in order to know whether you are in control - and to prove that you are. You can easily add more indicators and modify the definitions so they are aligned with your organization’s strategy.


Download the canvas and get started right away. 

Screenshot key identity indicator canvas

Know whether you are in control.

The traditional answer to being in control is introducing human governance processes, typically for requesting, approving and reviewing employees’ accesses. While those processes are crucial for operational efficiency and having them checks the necessary compliance boxes, they don’t necessarily lead to being in control. On top of that, they don’t prove that the situation as it is, is in control. 


Identity control framework

Measuring the key identity indicators in combination with our control framework enables you to see whether you are in control immediately. 

This provides you with a meaningful and concise view to share and use while making strategic decisions. It’ll help you to focus and prioritize.

Download the canvas and

get started right away!

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