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The only platform purpose-built for
access governance on top of Okta

Elimity raises the bar in a market full of complicated and time-consuming solutions. 
Our software helps the leading companies of tomorrow achieve
sustained access governance in a simple and efficient way.

to the core

Elimity's automated decision support enables your security team to govern access with minimal effort.



Elimity comes with a library of preconfigured controls and guidance for the most important frameworks and regulations.

Up and running
in minutes

Don't settle for multi-month IAM roll-outs. Elimity connects to your Okta and most important SaaS applications in minutes.

SaaS first

Elimity is a SaaS application with enterprise-grade security and is deployed where you need it.

Elimity gives you the needed access governance controls
out of the box for:


ISO 27000


Industry-proven approach to get in control fast and remain in control with minimal effort.

One-click integration


and any of your most important applications:


Elimity helps to increase the efficiency and quality of our IAM by giving more insights into the weighted risks and conflicts.
This is key to maintaining our company's security and compliance.


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Fortune 500 Bank

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