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Delivering a new approach to identity management.

Does this ring a bell?

Every company these days has to have control over

who can access which data in their organization.

Cybersecurity has

become mission-critical.

Too many employees with privileged access, orphaned accounts, unmanaged technical accounts, complex role models and other access creep open doors for data breaches.

But current Identity Governance is broken...

Too slow

The gap between strategy and execution leaves the company at risk and returns a low ROI.

Too cumbersome

Significant labor is required from both IT and the business, with heavy-weight processes.

Too expensive

Typical projects claim huge security budgets and require a big bang approach.


Together, Okta and Elimity create a best-in-class solution for end-to-end identity management with the fastest ROI in the market. 

Reduce risk in a matter of weeks

Gain 360-degree access visibility

With a security team of 4, not 40

Cover your blind spots and rest assured

Protect against

data breaches

These days there is more business-critical data to protect in more places. Strengthen identity assurance with a variety of multi-factor authentication methods, eliminate and cover your blind spots by knowing exactly who has access to what and how, and remediate incorrect accesses. 

Get rid of error-prone manual processes by automating and continuously monitoring secu- rity controls, such as SOD. Ensure that everyone has the information required to make the right decisions quickly and easily by consolidating company directories into a single cloud- based source of truth and providing detailed, 360-degree access visibility.


IT friction



Ever-changing application and employee landscapes demand agility. Ensure that all employees are secure and can perform their jobs with agile SSO, pre- configured integrations and a directory for on-premises, cloud, and mobile data access. Make sure that security policies are met for every new employee and keep an overview of the situation at all time.


End-to-end identity management:

Seamless secure access with SSO and MFA

Comprehensive user lifecycle management

End-to-end identity management:

Seamless secure access with SSO and MFA

Comprehensive user lifecycle management

Detailed access visibility

Automated identity controls

All for cloud and on-premise systems.




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