Identity intelligence platform

Unlock the power of your identity data.

Our end-to-end identity intelligence platform works as a companion of your identity solutions, expanding its current capabilities and enabling true risk-driven identity and access management.



Executive reporting

Identity assessments

Self-service identity analytics

KRI monitoring

Continuous audit reporting



Role model assessments

Self-service role analytics

Automated role engineering

Continuous role refinement



SOD policy mining

Agile SOD policy maintenance

Self-service SOD analytics

Continuous SOD refinement



Automate access decisions

Automate access


Benefits of the platform

Built from the ground up around intelligence

Elimity combines graph technology and the most advanced identity analytics engine. This gives you the intelligence and power to address your identity challenges efficiently and effectively. 

Built with usability and collaboration in mind

Elimity provides both technical and business teams with the right self-services through an intuitive user interface, fostering collaboration and enabling them to make well-informed, intelligent decisions.

Built to be open and


Elimity uses open APIs and integrates with any type of relevant identity source. The robust and flexible platform grows with the business supporting the full range of identity intelligence initiatives.


Introduce visibility and gain valuable insights.

Identity controls

Uncover identity and access risks, spot trends over time, and prioritize cleanup efforts. Gain 360-degree identity insights with our purpose-built query language for all common types of identity controls.  Stay up to date with remediation and operational priorities, combine facts with the wider context, and formalize custom indicators with the intuitive user interface.

Instead of performing controls manually, and thus periodically, be in control continuously.

Advanced analytics

Tackle the identity challenges as efficiently as possible. Dedicated visual identity analytics such as peer and pattern analyses to query and present data so you can make informed decisions, not just see numbers. Discover relations, unravel anomalies, or spot unknown patterns with our built-in powerful algorithms.

Have all the analytics you need right at your fingertips.

Reporting & alerts

Stay in the loop and up to date. The various reports and visualizations give you an overview of the identity state at a glance, enabling you to follow-up on the most important identity controls for your organization, track progress over time, and gather compliance evidence. Get notified of important changes and events, enabling you to stay on top of potential risks. 

Streamline your reporting and audit processes.

Interactive dashboards

Unravel the story and find answers to your critical identity questions, easily spot potential issues and identify the root cause. Build interactive dashboard and visualizations with easy click-through functionality. Visualize the data in a way that is relevant, explore different perspectives and easily extract valuable insights. 

Let the identity data come to life.



Dashboard sharing

Engage and empower everyone in the organization.

Democratize identity insights by sharing relevant dashboards. Make reporting about the current identity state to peers, management, and auditors easy and convincing. Enable constructive discussions and make sure everyone is on the same page, looking at the right data. No more overly technical interfaces or flat lists, just share your visual and interactive dashboards. 

Personalized cockpit

Focus on what matters for you. Gain valuable and usable insights, define and visualize relevant indicators. Quickly dive into the data for more in-depth analysis or remediation. Empower everyone in the organisation to actually take on their responsibility. 

Team management

Don’t compromise on data security. Apply the principle of least privilege and adhere to your privacy policies by limiting access to sensitive identity data while still enabling all the extensive data analyses. Assign different access profiles to control which user can see which data in a fine-grained manner. 



Role modeling

Make identity processes efficient and effective.

Leverage powerful identity analytics and machine learning algorithms to automate the design and maintenance of a dynamic role model. Incorporate additional information from usage logs or segregation of duties. Aim for the right balance between security and usability by fine-tuning the algorithms to business-specific needs. 


Connect your stack for maximum automation. Integrate with Elimity’s API to interact with Elimity and trigger actions within other tools such as ITSM. Enhance your identity processes with additional insights or even fully automate access requests and reviews.


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