Elimity's role in Cyber Security

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

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The European Cyber Security Month was all about raising awareness concerning cyber security threats. Of course we wanted to get involved in this campaign since cyber security is one of Elimity’s trademarks. Besides getting involved in events (cfr upcoming News & Updates October 2018) and supporting the campaign on our social media channels, we wanted to take a critical stance towards this topic, discuss the opportunities and pitfalls and elaborate on Elimity's role in cyber security.

Cyber Security in a nutshell

Cyber Security is a buzzword and it is a very broad term that incorporates a lot of things. According to us, cyber security is about making sure that all digital information is organised so that only the right people are able to access the right information while properly fending off the wrong people. At the same time, we want to make sure all systems stay operational. This definition applies to both individuals as well as to small and large businesses. What makes cyber security special is that it has to fend off threats both from the outside as well as from within.

The Importance of the European Cyber Security Month

Cyber security plays a role in almost all aspects of our lives. Your tech to fend off threats can be as advanced as possible, but when people aren’t up-to-date, it‘s all useless. Devoting a full month to raise awareness on this subject has quite a few benefits; a month-long campaign allows for in depth coverage on multiple aspects about this topic emphasizing how important cyber security has become in our daily lives. Having an organized campaign once a year makes sure that the content sticks without causing an overload on information. It is important that people become aware without getting a form of “security fatigue”. These well organised campaigns show that it is paramount that people are concerned with cyber security on all levels.

Elimity & Cyber Security

Our company offers a software product that helps large businesses improve their internal security and identity access management processes, by helping them organize their data and providing meaningful insights on who has access to that data and which applications. Enterprises process an incredible amount of information both about their own employees and inner workings as well as about their clients. In handling this information, organisations are required to be compliant with multiple regulations set by governmental bodies. These regulations exist for a very good reason. Think about the Enron scandal back in 2001 for example, which is probably the most basic case as to why regulation is necessary. Being compliant requires a lot of effort and resources. It is also a technical and complex matter. People have to create large reports, and send them to others within the business who have to review them and by the time they are done, the data within the reports is already outdated. We aim to organise this process in a more efficient way with the goal of lowering your risk and improving your security.

The Future of Cyber Security

When people talk about the future of cyber security, identity access management, or the future of anything IT related for that matter, buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning always pop up. Artificial intelligence and automation are becoming increasingly important in all processes related to cybersecurity. However, buzzwords like these often spark the intense imagination that everything will be easily automated in the near future. This is not at all the case. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important to keep the increasing heaps of information understandable, but they are a tool to assist people in their work. Not all problems will be solved with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely make things easier, as it does for Elimity’s software. At Elimity we apply artificial intelligence to help you in automatically organising data and it allows you to very easily look for who has access to what information.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, make sure you stop by the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit in Berlin, where we will hold a talk on “the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on identity & access management.

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