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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

At Elimity we love podcasts. We believe it is one of the most convenient formats to learn and stay up to date about all things IAM, RegTech and Cybersecurity. Podcasts can easily be inserted into our busy lives – some of us listen when in the car or train, some even when preparing dinner –, and even though there is no video, they offer an intimate and immersive experience, nevertheless.

But not all podcasts are created equal, of course. We listened to IAM, RegTech and Cybersecurity podcasts from many different sources in the US and Europe, and learned which are well worth a listen, and which are not.

In our opinion, the following five podcast sources – presented below in random order – are the very best of the crop:

The RegTech Report

Usually hosted by Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the founders of Alyne, this podcast tackles many interesting RegTech topics. An important added value of The RegTech Report Podcast is in the interviews with leading RegTech specialist from around the world, including Elimity’s Maarten Decat.

Episode five is our favorite, not least because Maarten Decat shares his thoughts on the current state of Identity & Access Management and also explains how RegTech is evolving in Belgium. Last but not least, Maarten clarifies why it is smart to keep a close eye on Elimity ;-).

Sailpoint’s Mistaken Identity

The Mistaken Identity podcast from Sailpoint – also available via Soundcloud – covers a wide range of subjects related to cybersecurity and identity. Apart from reporting on typical security topics, Mistaken Identity also covers relevant news items and presents expert insights from hosts David Lee and Mike Kiser.

Our favorite episode – called ‘Zero Trust, Full Identity, Can’t Lose’ – is about the connection between identity and zero trust security models. Special guest in this blogpost is Darran Rolls, CTO and CISO of Sailpoint.


This podcast – hosted by Bob Sullivan and Alia Tavakolian and sponsored by Carbonite – focuses on notorious data breaches – the Equifax data breach alone counts six episodes! – and is therefore a bit more ‘sensational’ compared to other podcasts. Still, this podcast has a very professional feel and is a joy to listen to. The series earns the #2 ranking in Apple Podcasts and was downloaded 207.000+ times.

Episode 3 from season 2 – in which Bob and Alia explain in-depth where things went wrong with the mother of all data breaches (Equifax) – is our favorite.

The CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series

This weekly 30-minute podcast focuses on security buyer and seller relationships and examines the mutual dependency and (potential) conflict situations that (might) exist between the two groups. All this to ensure that users can protect themselves against cyber-attacks in the best possible way. Apart from the podcast, the series also includes articles, videos and webinars.

The episode called ‘Our “What Not to Do” Security Selling Secret’ is our favorite. Basically, this episode explains what you shouldn’t do when selling security software. Very interesting for software vendors like us, but equally so for buyers and users.

Defrag This

Defrag This’ is a podcast from the company Ipswitch, hosted by technologist and data geek Greg Mooney. It covers a wide range of topics for IT professionals, ranging from data breaches to compliance solutions, new technologies, tips & tricks, and so on.

Our favorite episode is all about the Brexit, and the consequences it might have on compliance. Even though it’s not sure yet how the Brexit will look like, it’s smart to look and think about the possible outcomes for IT and compliance beforehand.

We hope you’ll enjoy and learn from our favorite podcasts, just like we did. Have you also discovered an interesting podcast on IAM/RegTech/Cybersecurity that didn’t make it to our selection? Feel free to share it in the comments section!

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