Professional Services

The Elimity Professional Services team provides expert services designed for implementation success. Customers typically use these services for the implementation and integration of our core product: Elimity Insights. The Professional Services team has deep experience implementing Elimity Insights in a variety of use cases and is all-in for accelerating your time-to-value.

Key objectives of Professional Services:

Deliver rapid implementations to gain critical and actionable insights quickly.

Maximise and optimise the use of (out-of-the-box ) functionality of Elimity Insights.

Apply leading practices, tips and tricks.

Transfer knowledge to the customer to achieve self-sufficiency.

Implementation & full Roll-out

Customers typically engage with our team for Elimity Insights related implementation help. Our implementation team’s credo is work hard, work smart. Although the scope of the project can vary, and so the duration, we typically try to scope projects to a maximum of 1-4 month duration to provide rapid value and foster self-sufficiency within the local team. Our implementation approach consists of multiple phases and iterations, based on the amount of access data sources, relevant (ERP) applications, or file shares, and the availability of access governance policies and customer resources.

Data overview visualisation

Project management

Project start-up, blueprint design and follow-up

Configuration and technical implementation of Elimity Insights.

On-prem or cloud.

Analysis of access data source(s).

Analysis followed by defining or adapting a correct and simple data model.

Formalisation of policies.

Translate the business rules in governance logic to automate controls.

Structural onboarding of access data source(s). *

Use of standard or custom connectors.

Go-live support.


Pilot project

The above steps can be done for 1-2 critical applications in a so-called pilot project. Implementation of such a pilot project can be done a much shorter time frame, to quickly assess the value of Elimity Insights and allow proper evaluation. Effort is not lost as this first part is reusable in a full roll-out anyway.

Control center visualisation

Training & Knowledge transfer

Our team ensures that the customer team is equipped with the necessary information and skills to get the most out of Elimity Insights. We deliver a range of access governance trainings to learn customers advanced techniques, how to design, organise and implement access governance programs, and expand their knowledge of Elimity Insights.


Operational Services

Our implementation team can extend the customer team with full-time expert consultants (solution architect, solution engineer, or implementation engineer) and a part-time project manager, to assist with or even lead the implementation and roll-out, if needed.

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Download an overview of all Professional and Advisory Services offered by the Elimity Services Team.