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Identity assessment for
user access management.

Want to understand and improve your infosec & identity risk posture? Elimity applies a tried-and-true approach to information risk assessments based on ISO 27001. The assessment is delivered by experienced professionals that provide external industry perspective, guidance and expertise.

Get your report in which the following Key Risk Indicators are analyzed:

Orphaned accounts

Privileged accounts

Overly privileged accounts

Duplicate accounts

Identity hygiene

Application-specific controls

Why wait? Understand your vulnerabilities, analyze the impact on the organization and decide which actions need to be taken to improve your risk posture.

Sleep soundly tonight and tomorrow.

Get valuable and understandable insights into your access & identity data and reduce information security risks immediately.

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Elimity's team provides you

with actionable results & insights 
that give you leverage to move to the next phase



Why an identity assessment?

These days every company must have control over

who has access to what data and applications in their organization.

Cybersecurity has become


Regulations and standards

are ramping up.


demand privacy.


Full transparency in users, apps and access rights is essential.

But where do you start?

Thorough Risk Analysis

of the identities and their access rights in your organization.

Map your risk posture and define the priorities based on the risk-level entailed by each access-issue.

Create an action plan to clean up the identified access-issues and improve your risk posture. 

Start your first clean-up iteration, track progress in a dedicated risk cockpit, and define the scope of the next iteration.

Work with an agile methodology.

The goal of an Identity Risk Assessment is to effectively get insights in identity-related IT risks in your organisation. 

An Identity Risk Assessment can either be performed on the data of one central identity repository (e.g. Active Directory*, Okta, SailPoint), or on a combination of multiple identity silos and/or deep access data from high-risk applications (e.g. SAP, SharePoint, Office365). 

During the assessment, our professionals apply a set of broadly-accepted identity controls (amongst others based on frameworks such as ISO 27001 and SOC2) in combination with a set of application-specific controls, using Elimity Insights. The former guarantees completeness of the risk analysis, while the latter ensures sufficiently in-depth controls are included to better assess your risk exposure. For each specific control a reasoned risk level is determined and recommendations for next steps are provided.



Other use cases of Elimity Insights

Increase visibility in identities

and their access rights.

Cope with company growth

Reduce IT friction

Clean up access issues

Ameliorate access reviews

Increase efficiency in audit

Improve compliance posture

Ensure correct user access efficiently.

Automate security controls

Manage complex role model

Control & manage mergers

Implement agile

identity governance

Don't settle for an army of consultants 

but demand a gradual, feasible approach

with immediate results.


Discover what Elimity can do for your organization.



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