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Identity Governance

for Risk & IT Security Leaders

Focus on what matters for you.

Protect your information assets and elevate trust.

To deal with and take advantage of new identity challenges, an agile methodology

enhanced by powerful and smart technology is the only way to go.

Not your everyday identity benefits

Elevate your strategy.

Ensure that all noses point in the same direction, that your IT security, IAM and Risk strategy are aligned with each other and with the overall business strategy. Connect your IT security and other business teams by allowing them to make decisions on the same information, presented in the way they need it.

Improve risk & compliance posture.

Gain actionable insights in your risk and compliance hotspots, define priorities, create a battle plan and improve your risk and compliance posture immediately. Easily automate security controls and audits to optimize existing controls or allow for new or advanced controls to be monitored continuously. Prevent instead of cure.

Increase agility.

Go for a smart and agile methodology enabled through powerful tech. Work iterative-wise to get valuable results immediately, improve your risk posture instantly and extend the scope easily. Give your team of 4 the power of 40.

Identity Governance at scale.

Govern identities at scale without impacting operational systems or compromising protections. Explore a gradual and iterative approach combined with intelligent automation. Make your audits scale and go for a solution that fits the organization’s context now and in the future.


Nail your security goals with

assisted, actionable identity intelligence.

Fast lane to superior Identity Governance

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