Technology solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your business needs by leveraging a best-in-class technology portfolio.

The phrase “identity is the new perimeter” has been around for several years. But the digital transformation-rush pushed it to the top of the priority list.

— Willem De Groef, CEO

Which technologies to choose?

Identity and access management, data security and device management are a lot of different things, resulting in a myriad of technologies and vendors. And deciding which products to use can be a challenging task. 

To help you in this journey, we work with best-in-class platforms and our own solutions for those things we didn't find in the market. Through continuous trainings we have the expertise and knowledge to help you decide which technologies you need and which vendors are the perfect fit for you.

We look for solutions that make sense for you: technologies that fit in your ecosystem, that work together in a way to address your challenges, and that while minimizing the total cost of ownership. 

In doubt about which tool(s) you need? In doubt about whether you need tooling at all?

Some of the technologies we work with


Azure AD, Okta: SSO, MFA, AMFA, provisioning, access requests, PAM, CIAM

Windows Hello for Business: passwordless authentication

Azure Information Protection, Varonis: Data loss prevention, classification, ML

Microsoft Intune: MDM, MAM

Microsoft Azure.png


Insights: automated data consolidation, identity analytics, risk detection, monitoring over time lightweight versatile access reviews aaS

Elimity AI: role mining, separation of duty

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