user access screening

Identify access risks across business-critical systems in a matter of days.

Protect your company from access-related cyber risks

Insider threats

Disgruntled employees with excessive permissions could enter IT systems and cause damage.

Privacy breach

Unauthorized access to personal information is against GDPR regulations.

IP theft and ransomware

A full 80% of all breaches use compromised accounts.


 Employees who take advantage of the possibility to perform conflicting transactions.


Your user accounts and their permissions form the basis of your cyber security. Handling user access incorrectly opens up your organization for a variety of cyber risks.

Proper visibility of your users and their access can be a daunting task however with large numbers of employees and accounts spread across on-premise and cloud applications. 

With this user access screening, Elimity helps you to identify access risks across your business-critical systems in a matter of days.


What is a user access screening?

Elimity's comprehensive user access screening is an efficient yet in-depth analysis of the key access risks residing in and across your most important systems allowing you to:

  • know where to focus efforts to effectively reduce access risk,

  • have the objective facts and figures to support decision-making, and

  • increase awareness and engagement of other stakeholders such as management.

This screening is carried out by Elimity’s team of identity and data experts. They leverage our powerful and purpose-built identity intelligence engine to perform an elaborate analysis against state of the art criteria. This provides your security team with the insights they need to understand your current access risks, and the details they need to take immediate action.

Elimity's end-to-end user access screening

Improve your cyber security, compliance and privacy posture

"Elimity offers unparalleled cost efficiency within identity management, providing a combination of smart people and smart technology. They are the best in Belgium and one of the best in Europe. I am thrilled to have them on my side."

— S. Hellmann, Head of Security, Byblos Bank Europe

How does it work?

Elimity's approach to user access screening

This user access screening includes:

  • inventory of the users and their access across your most important applications

  • identification of your access risks using a combination of best practices and  tailored controls

  • discovery of  anomalies with AI-driven pattern analyses

The results:

  • interpretation of the results and recommendations in terms of improvement steps from our experts

  • unlimited access to an interactive report, including an interactive cockpit and investigation capabilities, enabling your security team to understand the access risks and take action

Elimity's identity wheel

Identification of access risks




With out-of-the-box and custom connectors you can include any system that’s important to your organization.


We conduct the screening without impacting operational systems. There’s no need to deploy any agents.


Our controls cover international security frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 and NIST 800-53, and our experts apply any controls specific to your organization.

Focus on actual risk

The screening enables you to prioritize clean-up efforts for maximal risk reduction.


This is not just another paper exercise. Our data-driven platform gives you both in-depth dashboards and the details to take immediate action.

Want to find out more?

Want to go beyond this screening?

Elimity can also assist you in the following ways

Periodic screenings

Elimity performs user access screenings on a regular basis and helps you track improvement.

Continuous risk monitoring

Set up our platform to continuously monitor your access risk and automatically get notified of important issues.

Managed risk monitoring

Elimity monitors, analyses and keeps track of your access risk for you and assists you with addressing issues.

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